Super Speed Craw

Super Speed Craw Specifications Size = 4 inches Crawfish Compact segmented body with extra wide claws for maximum action Salt-impregnated Same shape as the Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw with the addition of bulkier tails for even more wild action Description Zoom took the Ultra-Vibe speed craw and added wider, bulkier claws to the end for times…

UV Speed Craw

UV Speed Craw Specifications Size = 3 ½ inches Crawfish Compact segmented body with Ultra Vibe paddles for maximum action Salt-impregnated Great all-around crawfish imitator looks just like the real thing Description With its compact shape and fast-paddling tails, the Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw is a jack of all trades and a master of many. It’s…

Creepy Crawler Twin Tail

Creepy Crawler Twin Tail Specifications Size = 3” Grub/trailer Short body with long, thin grub tails Salt-impregnated When you need a thin trailer with a wildly kicking action, the Creepy Crawler should get the call Description The Zoom Creepy Crawler features two long, thin grub tails that create a tempting kicking action at virtually any…

Team Strader’s Momentum Zooms to the Top

After 17 Forrest Wood Cup appearances and two Bassmaster Classic qualifications, and as he nears the $2 million mark in career winnings, Wesley Strader still just wants to fish. Whether it’s bluegills, catfish, or the bass that pay his mortgage, he said that “the more I fish, the more comfortable I am with my equipment and my mechanics.”

Zoom Team Keeps Catching at the Big O

Fresh off a nail biter at clear and chilly Cherokee, the Zoom Elite Series Pro Team took most of the finesse equipment out of their boats and geared up for sunny Florida and Lake Okeechobee. The Big O is one of the most storied venues in bass tournament history, and the Zoom pros looked to keep their momentum pushing forward.


Randall Tharp, the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup Champion and a noted big fish pro, has joined the pro staff of Zoom Bait Company, the pros’ choice for soft plastics when it comes to everything from ultra-finesse to oversized lures. If there’s a specific situation at hand, Zoom offers a lure that excels in that application.