Hi Everyone,

Drew Gregory from RiverBassin.com just posted this video on the Zoom Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw.  He got some real nice under water shots of the Speed Craw.  Thanks for sharing Drew!!!

And just in case you missed it, Drew was recently attacked by a goose on one of his river trips and its hilarious. You can see it (sorry Drew) here.

In the video, Drew was using a new color here at Zoom, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash pictured below.
Below is our stock color chart for the Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw.  Enjoy!


  1. I just purchased a package of the ultra-vibe speed craw in bullfrog color. It is February 18th. I also went and found the Black/Yellow Swirl Horny Toads too!! I will keep you posted on the results. I have 2 male friends who think that they can beat me fishin. One is VanDam (not his real name) and the other one is Black Bill Dance( not his real name either). I am a woman and I know that I have beat BBD already with a White Pearl Superfluke but now I have the rest of my artillery and I am going to keep you posted. Ha Ha.. this is going to be so much fun.

  2. green pumpkin speed craws are the best largemouth bass fishing product on the market today in my opinion. iv caught too many fish to count on these little craws. just bought two more packs today!

  3. I just bought two packs on faith because one of my friends said watermelon red was the best color i havent fished them yet but they look good

  4. Just used the green pumpkin on a fishing trip in New York. My daughter and I boated over 15 smallmouth bass with these great baits, with the largest being almost 4 lbs. We also caught several largemouth bass with the same baits. This is a great bait!

  5. This bait by far is my most fish catchinest (can I say that?) lure that I have in my aresenal. I flip it, pitch it, cast it, hell I even use it as a jig trailer on some of my jigs. ZOOM, ZOOM..

  6. Try green pumpkin with the pinchers diped in chartrues garlic dye. Works best in colder stained water on a shaky head

  7. Great video I have been using zoom baits for at least 3 months now and have been puutting more fish in the Float tube. Cannot wait to try the speed craw.

  8. Zoom’s ultravibe speedcraw is my go to bait. Whether fished Texas rig, Carolina rigged, or whatever, it is the best plastic bait I ever saw. I will put it up against anything you can name in plastics.

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