Zoom has added six more lures in the new color California 420.  Now available are the Zoom Trick Worm, Ol’ Monster, Baby Brush Hog, Brush Hog, Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm and the 6″ Lizard.

Below are some photos of the new items:

Click here to see the full color gallery for California 420.


  1. Zoom has always been my Mainstay in soft baits. They always worked for me. And Zoom keeps advancing in baits & colors that work.
    Bob Perry

  2. Please make the zoom super fluke in this color. It matches the bass in my favorite pond perfectly(they tend to be darker in coloration than most bass, even though the pond is pretty clear).

  3. No Lew, you cannot smoke them.
    I would submit that they painted themselves in a corner with the name.
    Check it out, red flakes in the darker green should represent Sativa.
    They should call it C-420 Sativa.
    Stick with me, this is going somewhere; and it is marketing genius.
    Next the lighter green with electric blue metal flakes. C-420 Indica!
    This would allow this color scheme to have a line of its own, to coin a phrase.
    I love Zoom! I mean, I like them a lot now. 🙂
    Watermelon Candy Red kicked it for me on Rayburn this week.
    Y’alls colors are great. Texans buy a ton of ’em!

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