Zoom is very excited to announce the new color Morning Dawn.  This is an excellent clear water finesse color that is extremely effective on spotted bass.

Morning Dawn is a two-layer laminated color that features a translucent pinkish top with a darker, but still translucent purple and blue bottom.  This color will be effective for most finesse applications like a drop shot or throwing a shakey head.  Morning Dawn is currently in production and should be available by the first of August.

Initially Morning Dawn will be available in four lures: Finesse Worm, Shakey Head Worm, Swamp Crawler and the 4″ Meathead.


Zoom Finesse Worm - Morning Dawn

Zoom Swamp Crawler - Morning Dawn

Zoom Swamp Crawler - Morning Dawn

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  1. Keep up the great work I sure love using your baits and I’ll be looking for these

    Steve Wahl

  2. Looking forward to “Morning Dawn”, especially in my lake that is unusually clear for this time of year–probably will be even clearer in August. I am retired and have enjoyed Zoom products most of my life. Keep up the good work and may God bless all your endeavors.

  3. thank you for morning dawn–we sell a lot of old purple in zoom worms and a large amount of morning dawn in another brand so we are looking forward to getting the morning dawn in zoom–its a hot color.

  4. Awesome color! I’m sure it’ll get smacked in both my clear lakes. I’m curious to see what other baits will get this “makeover”. I hope to see the brush hog and the fluke series in morning dawn!

  5. I hope Zoom will make this color forthe Flukes as well. Love your products keep up the good work !!

  6. My boys(6 & 7 year old) and I love zoom product.Its the best I have ever used.Everyone loves to catch fish,we do it with zoom. Thank you for another great fishing season.

  7. Are you going to come out with a Fluke bigger than super in the swimmin super fluke. I fish Lake Lanier with the Flukes for bass and I do come up with Stripers now and then. So how about a Striper size Swimmin Fluke.

  8. I live on and fish the Tennessee River {Ky Lake} and Kentucky bass are much more plentiful here than large mouth or smallmouth bass. I fish Zoom plastics about 90% of the time and look forward to using this color. We catch many bass on your speed craw and vive tail worm….any plans for this color in either one of those. Keep up the good work….your products are really top of the line.

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