6-dead-ringer-035-005-junebugZoom Baits’ Super Salty Lizard, Baby Brush Hog, Super Fluke, Ol’ Monster and Finesse Worm are known as summertime killers for anglers chasing little green (and brown) fish. No news there, right?

But, they aren’t the only tools in the tool box this month.

What if we told you two summertime “orphans,” the Dead Ringer (8-inch) and the Double Ringer, could be the lures you need to dominate this time of year? Would you believe us? You should.

The Dead Ringer and the Double Ringer might not enjoy all the accolades of other lures in the Zoom Baits line. But, we know from talking to anglers nationwide, these lures continue to catch fish and especially shine during the summer months.

Here are a few tips we learned from some of our local pros, some of whom credit the Double Ringer and the Dead Ringer for helping them win numerous jackpot tournaments during the summer months.

The Deadly Ringer: One of our local pros from Alabama refuses to call this lure anything but the “Deadly Ringer,” and after seeing how he uses it, we know why. He pegs the 8-inch Dead Ringer to a sturdy 5/0 flippin’ hook and fishes it on 65-pound braid, beneath a 1-ounce sinker. He flips to bait to shallow-water laydowns, stumps and into the tops of submerged trees.

His reasoning is that most of the fish in these areas see jigs, creature baits, tubes and straight-tail worms. The large sinker makes the bait fall like a rock, its tail beating frantically the entire time. In the summer months, this combination will draw strikes from even the most finicky bass.

052-005-double-ringer-junebugDouble Trouble: We created the Double Ringer as the ultimate do-nothing lure, and it has performed flawlessly for anglers over the years. The only limits to the ways it can be fished are the imagination, and as we all know, anglers are noted tinkerers. With the Double Ringer, however, simple is better, especially in the summer months.

Most of the anglers we talked to say the lure has no equal when fished weightless with a lightwire 3/0 hook rigged Texas style. The key, they say, is placement. On blistering hot days, cast the unweighted lure to the edges of grasslines, boat docks, bridge pilings or any piece of visible cover, and allow it to fall on a slack line.

The baits sashaying, shimmying fall is dynamite for sluggish fish. Also, keep a Double Ringer handy for fish that chase other lures back to the boat but refuse to commit. A well-placed Double Ringer is one of the best follow-up lures we’ve seen.

When anglers talk about how tough the bite is this month, show them what they are missing by not having a Dead Ringer or Double Ringer tied on. They work, and they will work for you this month.


  1. Zoom…simply the best! Horny toad, fluke and speed craw kill all year for me. One lake I hit the fluke in bubblegum puts the bass in the boat. Another lake the horny toad in black piles em up! All the bass my son and I catch are returned to the water. We caught a few trophys in the last 2 or 3 years…but all the fish are thrown back overboard. Great product zoom…keep up the good work!

  2. Alright! We’re gonna get down to my money bait.Double ringers have to be ,along with centipedes,the best tough bite baits available.Skip ’em,drop
    shot ’em, Mojo rig,whatever.This is a fact,you will get bit when other guys struggle.The key is to twitch and drag ever so SLOWLY.Keep the line tight and watch for anything funky.Lots of times they’ll hit ’em on the fall.Add a scent like Bang,Jack’s Juice,MegaStrike.The really good news is when you tear up one end just re-rig in the other end.Twice the use for the same bait.That’s MONEY people! Blessings Always.

  3. Dead Ringers have always had a place in the box, I have turned so many people on to them. I have caught some pig’s on them. The Thump of the tail is what gets them. Between the Mag II, Ol’Monster and the Dead Ringer, they will always be in the rotation. When you tear them up, put them in a empty plastic container take them home and put us a little Mend it; good as new the next trip.

  4. the Dead Ringer is absolutely deadly when you need a warm with a lot of action!!!!I fish it just a little bit different than most folks I turn the warm up side down so the tail is up and kicking. The worm has a flat bottom side to it ,I simply rig it up side down…please add some of the Cool New colors to the Dead Ringer family!!! Pretty please…..

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