Zoom Super Fluke
If you don’t have a Zoom Super Fluke tied on this month, you are missing out on some of the best action of the year. In much of the country the bass are either moving to beds, on bed, or are moving from beds. The Zoom Super Fluke is one of the best options for coaxing strikes from these fish. Even for those anglers in parts of the Northeast and Midwest, where the seasons are just opening, the Super Fluke is still a dynamite option, one that rivals even live bait on many occasions.

The Right Lure At The Right Time

For those of you who need convincing that the Super Fluke is the perfect option this month, here are four options, at least one of which should suit your situation.

The cold-water killer.

In parts of the country, the bass season is just opening and hordes of eager anglers are making their way to the lakes and rivers, most of which are still quite cold. Since bass, being cold-blooded, are likely to be quite sluggish this month in those areas… placing a Zoom Super Fluke on a dropshot and slowly working it along flats adjacent deepwater and secondary points leading into spawning flats should be deadly. There really is no wrong way to fish the lure in this manner, though making a long cast and slowly, methodically twitching it back to the boat, is often the most effective means of searching for sluggish fish.

The Texas-rigged tantalizer.

When professional anglers are looking for a bite under tough conditions, they often tie on their favorite lure and work known haunts for finicky eaters. Well, bass that are moving up to spawn definitely qualify as finicky, since eating is not their primary concern. A very successful technique employed by professional anglers is to rig a Super Fluke Texas-style, with a small bullet-weight pegged at the nose, and fan-cast areas that pre-spawn bass are likely moving into, to spawn. Use the lure to target cover such as stumps, debris, laydowns and anything else that could shield shy, skittish fish from other predators.

The bomb-in-a-bed.

If you’re lucky enough to have bed-fishing opportunities this month in your area, we have the technique for you. You’ll need a bag of Super Flukes in either the White Pearl, White Ice or Albino colors, some dropshot hooks and a pack of nail weights. Place one of the nail weights into the nose of one of the lures, ensuring everything but the head of the weight is inside the body of the Super Fluke. Then drive the point of the hook through the back of the lure, just before the tail, and allow it to exit, creating an exposed hook. Now, when you cast the lure into a bed, you can twitch the lure in place, for the nose stays down like that of feeding bluegill, which bass hate. When fished this way, the Super Fluke drives bass wild.

The weightless dynamo.

The Super Fluke really shines when fished weightless, allowing it to dart, bob and spiral on a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve. There are few better post-spawn options available, primarily because this technique can be used to find bass wherever they are and no matter what they are foraging for. Zoom Super FlukeEarlier in the month, set your boat off the tip of main-lake points adjacent spawning flats to intercept bass moving back to their summertime haunts. Make casts to either side of the point and work the lure back, just under the surface. Later in the month, when the shad are spawning near riprap banks, cast a weightless Super Fluke right up the cover, then aggressively twitch the lure back to the boat. It likely won’t make it back to the boat without being attacked.

No matter where you live, the Zoom Super Fluke has a place on the end of your line this month. Try at least one of the options listed above and let us know what you think.[hr]Our new giveaway is up! Make sure to enter before Friday, May 31st at 12 PM for a chance to win 11 packs of ZOOM Bait Centipedes!

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  1. This bait is responsible for some of the biggest bags of fish my friends and I have ever caught.We’ve caught everything that swims with these beauties.Just don’t use Watermelon Red.I mean it,stay away from Watermelon Red.Hey,get away from it!Not that I like it or anything.Blessings to All.

  2. I like using the super fluke jr colored in arkansas shiner. Its my go to bait when all else fails.

  3. I exclusively use Mag Flukes, bigger is better, and watermelon red causes the most viscous strikes.

  4. Omg i love this bait it is my go to when ever i fish this bait works when nothing else will and i do mean nothing else this bait is why i never leave without atleast 1 fish

  5. I use the super fluke in the Indian River Lagoon (saltwater) for sea trout. Last trip I caught the biggest of my life. I like using one hook. It is easier to release the fish unharmed.

  6. Where can I find the super fluke in “Blue Watermelon”? I am about to run out and I am not happy about it.

  7. I really like the newer “swimming” flukes with a little belly weighted hook these guys are great weedless swim baits. Really like houdini color for that baby bass/bream look. Caught lots of sholies on this last summer and ready to do it agian this year. Good info here too thanks.

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