The Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler is the latest addition in the company’s Magnum lineup. It’s a very significant addition when you consider how near and dear the original Swamp Crawler is to anglers at all levels, especially the pros.

Ask a group of Zoom pros to name their five favorite soft baits and names like Super Fluke, Trick Worm, Horny Toad, Finesse Worm and Brush Hog will be at the top of their lists.

But, pull those same anglers aside one by one and ask the same question. The answers are likely to vary, with at least a few of the pros discreetly adding the Zoom Swamp Crawler to their list… saying, but only if you promise not to share that information with the other pros.

“I wouldn’t call it a secret bait, per se,” says one prominent Zoom pro. “It’s the lure I find myself going to most often when bites are tough and nothing else seems to work. And in that situation, the Zoom Swamp Crawler is a fish-catching machine.”

The Magnum Swamp Crawler, at 6 1/2 inches, is a full inch longer than the original Swamp Crawler. But like the original lure, it really shines when fished on Texas and Carolina rigs, in addition to a shaky head, weightless or wacky style.

Really, there is no wrong way to fish the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler. The lures come 15 per pack and are now available in 7 different colors.


  1. Ever since Zoom bumped up some of their baits to magnum size I have noticed an increase in the size of the bass that I catch. I use magnum finesse worms,speed worms.I get better casting distance with the beefier worms.I also get a thump with the Speed worm, kind of like a spinnerbait and when it stops SET THE DANG HOOK! I also notice they come through grass a lot better. Get you some and give me a shout on how ya’ll do. Blessings to All.

  2. I still think I should get a free shirt for all the lures I purchase from your company. I even have your company logo on my tournament jersey promoting all those lures.

  3. I love the zoom ol monster watermelon seed, fished it many years and caught plenty of good fish on it cant wait to try these

  4. I love the zoom monster watermelon seed, fished it many years and caught plenty of good fish on it cant wait to try these

  5. I love the magnum swamp crawlers will they be available in more colors in the future. If u haven’t tried you are missing out

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