ZOOM has three new t-shirts available. They are all short sleeve and 100% cotton. The Zoom Bass Hunter T-Shirt is a khaki color, with a small Zoom logo on the front and the Bass Hunter design on the back. The Zoom Bass Love Em T-Shirt is black, with the Bass Love Em design on the front and a small Zoom logo on the back. The Zoom Tattoo T-Shirt is a navy blue color, with a small Zoom logo on the front and the Tattoo design on the back. Check out the new apparel gallery below.

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  1. im a zoom bait user for life!!! could you please send me a catolog of baits and caps and apperl if all possible, thank you so much charles southerland

  2. Sir and or Mam,


    I was wondering if y’all have any of these shirts in a very lightweight long sleeve?? I’m a cancer patient and the chemo I MUST take everyday prohibits long term exposure to sunlight..Unfortunatley I fish just about EVERYDAY,I’m a retired Houston,Tx. cop and use your lures extensivley…


    David(D.J.) Gutierrez

  3. Please provide a catalog with the shirts and lures..I want one!!!!!! Nice Shirts Bad AZZZZZ designs!!!!

  4. your guys shirt looks B.A i would so get the 2nd shirt and where can u purchase these and look at my fishin and huntin videos on youtube my name is cmtredneck41 i talk all about zooms and how to rig them go zoom you guys rock and keep it up!!!!

  5. I was messing around on here and noticed people asking for catalogs, not sure if you all noticed you can click the links talking about the shirts above the images to purchase them or not. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Matthew Monroe

  6. I would like to wear the Zoom worm shirton the Minnesota lakes to promote these incredible products. Where can I get them shirts or hats?

  7. How can i get some of the New Zoom Apparel? I have been winning tournaments with Zoom products since 1987. Thanks-Keith

  8. I recently introduced my son to zoom baits and the enjoyment of catching large bass with them. He is addicted to bass fishing now. We want some shirts to wear while fishing together. Where can we order them. please send us a catalog. He has quickly picked up pier skipping with your lizards. we are huge fans!!!

  9. there are some nice designs looking forward to them coming out soon for sale to us. …thanks…. live in south carolina almost all plastics used here are zoom

  10. love your baits i have used thim 4 meny years and your right BASS LOVE EM… 2 THANK YOU very much robert j coogle tampa fla ps like 2 have catolog by mail 7509 nglen av tampa fl 33614

  11. I use a lot of your products and would like to put your Zoom logo on my club shirt that I am buying GEMINI2,Is that OK?

  12. Are you ever going to produce the Fluke Bait Fish lure again? I can find the Tiny Fluke in the Bait Fish version, as well as the Super Fluke but I cannot find the regular size Fluke Bait Fish lure. You still make the regular size Fluke in the Smoking Shad version. I have been looking for them for several years now. I had several packs of them but they were stolen along with all of my other tackle some time ago. I also have the

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