recently published the “New Classics: 30 Great Baits.  This list is composed of lures that have become staples in anglers tackle boxes during the last few years.  We are proud to say the Zoom Super Fluke and Zoom Brush Hog made their list.

What it comes down to is this: These lures catch boatloads of fish. They should, or soon will, be held in the same regard as the Zara Spook and Original Rapala. Here’s why, and how to fish them. –Joe Cermele,

Zoom Super Fluke

The Fluke is one of the original finesse shads and remains one of the most popular. It’s a bit more durable and falls a little more slowly than others, earning bites from the most reluctant bass. It’s at its best when rigged weedless and worked in a twitch-fall pattern off the bottom, but it can be just as potent walked quickly across the surface.

I don’t know many serious bass hunters that hit the water without a pack of Zooms handy. Rigged on a jighead, they can also catch just about any inshore saltwater species that swims.

Zoom Brush Hog

Soft-plastic creature baits have generated a lot of buzz among bass anglers in the last few years, taking alien forms that often combine wings, claws, and legs. The Brush Hog is arguably the first creature bait ever made, and its reputation as a tournament winner is longstanding, thanks in part to a design that collects fewer weeds than others. It has an ideal length and girth for Texas rigging.

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  1. Yep, yep. Not surprising to find the Super Fluke in that list. I find it so effective, I call it my Magic Lure.

    I’ve not used the brush hog all that much, but it is making its way into my arsenal.

    Keep up the good work, guys. I’m looking forward to more great baits that have potential to make similar lists.

  2. Love them! Super fluke is a fish caller and the brush hog is a “HAWG” caller wont be surprised to see horny toads and swimming flukes in the list also.

  3. Brush Hogs have worked for me in AL, LA, KS, MS and I will continue to keep them handy but the Zoom 6″ Lizard is always my “go to” bait if I didn’t start out with them. Both have produced quality fish time and time again!!!!

  4. The Super Salty Fluke is my go to bait when I need to catch some bass. When it’s a little windy I’ll put a small split shot on the tip to get it down and it changes the action a little bit. The weight gets fish to bite sometimes when they wouldn’t. The Brush hogs are awesome for fishing heavy cover, again with a split shot on the tip. Drag it across the gunk and let it fall into a hole and it’s fish on!

    One day I caught two 8 pounders 10 minutes apart on the baby brush hog in open water. Let it sink and give a couple of twitches and it’s fish on! I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the Ultra Vibe Speed Craw. Also fished with a small split shot. Four of us caught 120 bass on it one morning.

  5. I’m new to freshwater fishing. Watching an angler on our local lake catch fish one day when I was not even getting a bite he gave me one of his baby brush hogs watermelon red. I used it the next day on a small pond and caught 10 bass in an hour all over 13 inches . you guys are amazing I’m looking forward to trying more of your lures. I now always carry an extra one of your lures to pass on to somone new .

  6. The salty super fluke is great. I buy it in watermelon red, or if they don’t have that then anything watermelon will do. Using the watermelon red fluke I caught a 15 pound largemouthed bass, setting the record for Amistad Lake in Texas. The brush hog is great too my record with it is a 12 pound bass. Best baits around, enough said!

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