The boys from Stanley Jigs were right next door to us at the Big Rock East Dealer Show last weekend.  We took notice of their new frog hook they have on the market and it looks pretty sporty with a Zoom Horny Toad.

The Double Take hook comes in a 5/0 and 6/0 size hook.  In February, they will have a 4/0 hitting the market.  There are three versions, weightless, front weight and keel weight.   It features a wide gap hook for extra bite on those difficult hook ups and a spring lock on the front to keep it secure.  You can find out more information about this hook here.


  1. Used the 5/0 weightless hooks last year, each time the they hooked the fish in the upper lip, great hooks, looking forward to trying the keel weighted.

  2. These hooks are great for open water or around wood but you cant tell they wont pick up grass when fished over weed beds.

  3. I purchased these hooks from BPS in the 5/0 size and they HOOK up big time, very impressed with the hook ups…the double hook style helps out big time almost all of the hook set go into the upper jaw..Im also going to see if they carry a 4/0 size, one thing that took me a few minutes was figuring out my style of riggig the bait, such as how far to screw in the holder piece at the nose, and I usually pinch the hooks then push threw the horny toad….

    bottom line: im heading back to get some more!

  4. Started using the 5/0 Double Take hooks last year. Since then whenever I would get a blow up and it went underwater, they were stuck every time. This is one B.A. hook. Guaranteed to increase your catch ratio with frogs. Boat Big Momma today!

  5. Great Hooks!!! I’ve used the with other soft plastic frogs and they work really well..Weedless,these rigs can be fished in the some of the heaviest cover you can fish in..Great hook setting power,do not be afraid to slam that hook home,it can handle it..I use a 6’6″ MH rod w/50 braid tipped with 20 lb flourocarbon leader and it works just fine!! 4/0-5/0 are the sizes I primarily use.

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