Zoom Super Fluke - Watermelon Magic

One of the hottest Zoom colors in 2010 has been Watermelon Magic.  This watermelon seed spin-off with a little added flash has been very effective in lakes throughout the Southeast and other parts of the country.  Zoom has decided to make this a Stock color and is now available in ten stock items.

The stock Watermelon magic offerings include the trick worm, brush hog, baby brush hog, finesse worm, ol’ monster, super fluke, magnum super fluke, ultravibe speed craw, 6″ lizard and U-Tale.  Below is a photo gallery of these new stock items.


  1. Great! Now how about making the gourd green in the c tail available again. This was a great little worm and is no longer available. Thanks


  2. Partner gave me some to use on Lake Amistad this weekend ( April 13,2014) and caught 3 bass around 15 inches each. Wasn’t catching them on anything else that day…Great Item, Thanks, will buy some now…

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