The Ditch Connection for Winter Bass | Location and LuresDiscover the secrets to successful winter bass fishing with Brandon Cobb as he delves into the nuances of the Ditch Connection for Winter Bass. Cobb shares his expertise in navigating deep-water ditches, providing valuable insights for targeting spotted bass during the late fall and winter months. From understanding the diverse types of ditches to exploring specialized tackle and techniques, join Cobb on a journey that promises to enhance your cold-weather fishing prowess. Continue reading to delve into the nuances of the Ditch Connection for Winter Bass and elevate your angling skills to new depths.

Successful winter bass fishing often centers around deep water ditches. Brandon Cobb delves into the nuances of fishing ditches, a highly effective winter locational pattern for spotted bass. In this video, Cobb shares his expertise on locating and effectively fishing these underwater structures to help you catch more fish throughout the late fall and winter months.


Cobb begins by explaining what constitutes a fishing ditch – it can be the deepest point of a pocket, between islands, or a long, narrow creek offshoot. He emphasizes that ditches are not just confined to one type; they can vary significantly, from prominent pockets to more subtle depressions between landforms.


The key to successful ditch fishing, as Cobb explains, is understanding how fish relate to their environment. He focuses on targeting spotted bass in standing timber, with bass usually relating to the edges. Edges serve as a perfect ambush point for prey. Cobb also discusses the importance of identifying the deepest points in these ditches, which often serve as prime spots for bass, especially in colder temperatures. Winter bass are most often near the bottom in deep water. Find them first at the console using side and down imaging, but don’t fish them vertically on the bow, as they’re still spooky, especially in clear water. Cobb gets over them so he knows he’s fishing fish, then lets the boat drift off them.


Cobb highlights several techniques for fishing in ditches. While the best lures for spotted bass varies, in the winter, he opts for a shakey head or drop shot for probing the depths but adjusts as the bass move, particularly when they shift shallower to feed. Lures like jerkbaits, flukes, or underspins excel when fish move shallow to feed.

Cobb’s approach to winter ditch fishing offers a comprehensive guide to locating and catching spotted bass in cold weather. By understanding the various types of ditches and how bass relate to these structures, anglers can significantly improve their cold-weather fishing success.

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