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We talked with offshore boating electronics guru, Chris Baxter. From his vantage point with Zoom Bait, he shared with us about his start in fishing, his efforts to go pro, the snag that life thew at his family, and how he’s worked to use adversity as inspiration to help save lives.

Beginning a Fishing Journey that Became So Much More

THM: Thanks again for taking time to sit down with us, Chris. We like to get a good sense of how it all began, so what can you tell us about how long you’ve been been fishing?

CB: From what I can remember, I was probably 4-5 years old when I started. I can still recall my dad teaching me to throw a bait caster with a practice plug in the front yard around 7, too, and I can still name the first bait caster rod and reel I got new: a Browning Boron 5’6” pistol grip with a Daiwa SM2A. That was high class back in the day.

THM: For many of us, it was a father, a grandfather, or an uncle who took us out on the water. It sounds like your father played a big role in that for you, too? Who do you remember getting you hooked with fishing?

CB: I went with my father and his fishing buddy Jim Payne. I went with them practically all the time.

THM: What about fishing appealed to you most?

CB: To this day, I just love everything about fishing and, second, it is just being able to spend time with friends while traveling. I would say socializing and cutting up with everyone outweighs the catching part of fishing.

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This article was orginally posted on October 12, 2015 by T-H Marine.