Zoom’s Salty Super Tube is available in a number of proven favorites like green pumpkin, watermelon seed, and watermelon with red flake. FLW Tour pro Wesley Strader uses all of those, but under specific circumstances he has another favorite that doesn’t get a lot of press: Rootbeer Pepper Green.

RootbeerPepperGreen“I once picked it up on a whim and they simply bit it better than anything else,” he explained. “I like it anywhere that you have algae green color water. Any time you find that type of water that looks muddy but up close is actually green, that’s my first choice.”

He especially likes it in the fall, and has found it to be successful on lakes like Fort Gibson in Oklahoma, places that hold larger than average fish. That doesn’t mean he won’t use it on stingier lakes and rivers, too. In fact it’s something that he carries everywhere, not just for one or two specific places.

“It’s something different,” he concluded. “I don’t know if those fish are eating bluegill or something else, but when they’re on it, it’s pretty hard to beat.”

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