photo by Chris Dutton -

Ranger pro Paul Marks won the recent Lake Lanier Bass Pro Shops PAA Tournament Series event.   Marks, from Cumming, Ga., is a well known and widely respected pro around Lake Lanier.

Marks used two key baits during the event a Fish Head Spin rigged with a white pearl Zoom Super Fluke and a Lucky Craft Staysee jerkbait.

We caught up with Marks yesterday and asked him about his win and how he fished these two lures.

Why is the fish head spin and Zoom Super Fluke combination so effective at Lake Lanier.

It’s a bait that is long and slender which perfectly matches the blueback herring that you see in Lanier.  It’s not a short fat bait, it’s a much more streamlined bait.   It matches really closely the way they swim and feed.

How were the fish positioned during this event.

The fish were suspended around brush piles and I was mimicking the blueback herring that were darting by the brush piles.  I was working for that reaction bite as the bass would come out to get it.  I was fishing in 20 to 25 feet of water and was working that Super Fluke on the outside deep edges of these brush piles.  If I didn’t get a bite with the Super Fluke, I would cast the Staysee across the brush pile and work it right over it to see if I could pull any fish out from underneath.

Tell us about your color choice on the Super Fluke

White pearl is really effective during cloudy conditions.  The fish can really pick it up from a long distance.  Under blue-bird skies, I might have picked a color with slightly more sparkle in it such as White Ice.

Below is color gallery for the Zoom Super Fluke.