Zoom Bait appreciates your interest in our products.   We have implemented this program to better facilitate the thousands of requests we receive each year.  

Unfortunately, we cannot support everyone and their events, however we do want to support events that encourage fishing and support the fishing industry.  

Sponsorship guidelines:

  • All requests must now be submitted online and through one of our sponsorship forms located below
  • Requests should be made well in advance of your event – minimum of two months prior to your event (if applicable)
  • No more requests will be considered via email, fax, phone, website comments, youtube comments or other forms – you must use one of the forms below to be considered
  • A Zoom Bait automated email reply will be sent after we receive your request.


If you are an organization looking for donations or sponsorship for your event, please use this form below.  Submitting this form means your event will be considered and reviewed, but does not guarantee that it will be confirmed.

Event Form


If you are a College or High School team that is looking for support, please use this form.  Your request will be reviewed and if we decide to move forward with a sponsorship of some kind, we will reach back out to you.  Thank you!

Team Form