The Ditch Connection for Winter Bass | Location and Lures

Discover the secrets to successful winter bass fishing with Brandon Cobb as he delves into the nuances of the Ditch Connection for Winter Bass. Cobb shares his expertise in navigating deep-water ditches, providing valuable insights for targeting spotted bass during the late fall and winter months. From understanding the diverse types of ditches to exploring…

Best Lures for Spotted Bass | Rivers and Herring Lakes

Best Lures for Spotted Bass | Rivers and Herring Lakes

Learn how to lure spotted bass and the top bait choices with insights from fishing Zoom expert Wes Logan. From Ned rigs to jerkbaits, Logan shares his go-to techniques for landing these elusive fish. Mastering these techniques and using the right gear can significantly improve your chances of a successful spotted bass fishing expedition. Continue…

How to Fish a Speed Worm For Bass

Swimming a worm such as the Zoom Speed Worm is an excellent tactic for fishing expansive grass flats. When rigged correctly, it allows you to cover loads of water with minimal fowling. Pro bass angler Wes Logan shows us how to fish the Zoom Speed Worm through scattered hydrilla in open water. The tactic also works well in most grass types anywhere in the country, so long as it isn’t too thick.