Congratulations to all five Zoom Pros that fished in the 2019 Bassmaster Classic; Brandon Palaniuk, Casey Ashley, Gerald Swindle, Randall Tharp and Wesley Strader. Just being a contender is a great feat!

Our top two finishing pros fished all three days of competition and here’s what they used to get there.

Top lures of the 2019 Classic

Wesley Strader 7th (39-8)
Wesley Strader rotated through a jig, crank bait, spinnerbait and Ned head rig. To make it he used a 1/16 jighead with 6.25-inch Zoom Fluke Stick, Green Pumpkin. For more aggressive fish he used a hand-carved PH Custom Lures Lil Guy, designed for cold water and highly pressured fish. Strader also used a Zorro Bait Co. Flipping jig with 3-inch Zoom Big Salty Chunk trailer, Flipping Blue. A white/chartreuse 3/16-ounce Zorro Wesley Strader Banjo Blade Spinnerbait also produced strikes.

Brandon Palaniuk 10th (34-15)
A trio of baits produced for Brandon Palaniuk. A Rapala Balsa Extreme BX Brat Squarebill, Bone Craw, and modified with a marker for added strike appeal, was a top choice. So was a Rapala DT6, Brown Crawdad. He also used a 6.5-inch Zoom Z3 Trick Worm, Z3 Edge, rigged on a 1/4-ounce shakey head.

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