Bulky Surface Offering Can Be Fished Multiple Ways

Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new Zoom Frog, the latest addition to our world-leading line of soft plastics. Zoom already had the category leading “buzz frog” in the form of the Zoom Horny Toad.  The Horny Toad will remain the standard-setter for times when the perfect pitter-patter of ultra-vibe legs is demanded, but this new model provides more bulk and a more violent noise than any other bait of this kind.

“It has a unique sound to it,” said FLW and Zoom pro Randy Haynes. “It leaves bubbles behind it and you can buzz it on top or work it like a prop bait. Most importantly, the frog floats, so when a fish blows up on it you can leave it in the water and they’ll come back and get it.”

Haynes is known as an offshore wizard, with six of his seven FLW Outdoors wins coming on the TVA system.  Yet over the past year he’s been secretly enjoying incredible success in skinnier water, most of it with the early prototypes of the new Zoom Frog.

“Last fall I fished it over the holes in the hydrilla at Pickwick,” he recalled. “You can use it in the Florida hay fields and I caught them on it at Seminole in the early spring. I love it because it gets lots of bites and the material stretches, but doesn’t tear up like some others.”

The Zoom Frog is 4 inches long and weighs ½ ounce. It will initially be available in five universally applicable colors – White, Black, Zebra Green, Sexy Shad, Natural Brown and Baby Duck. They’ll be sold in groups of three in the same type of ultra-protective clamshell packaging that houses the Zoom Swimmer. Look for the Zoom Frog at leading tackle stores and online retailers.



  1. I’ll give that a throw back macho man randy savage oooooohhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeaaaaayyyyyaaaaahhhh!!

  2. Awesome bait!!!! Love it so far!! Using it in tournament tonight… Confident it will get the job done!

  3. I recently purchased a pack of the Zoom frogs. What is the best type and size hook to maximize performance and hook ups? Thanks

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