ZOOM Pro – Jason Williamson

South Carolina pro Jason Williamson has two Elite Series victories in his career, one slinging big swimbaits on Lake Amistad in Texas, the other closer to home at Clarks Hill. What he may be best known for, however, is the JWill swimbait jighead, a precision piece of lead that enables any soft plastic swimbait to attain maximum action and efficiency.

The head is available in sizes from 1/8 ounce, perfect for the Alabama Rig, all the way up to ¾ ounce. The latter size can be used to drag the depths and dredge river channels on places like Kentucky Lake. All sizes feature a quality 4/0 or 5/0 hook that won’t bend out and will penetrate with the a relatively light amount of pressure.

“We originally designed the head for a hollow belly swimbait,” he said. “We didn’t have much else a few years ago.” Over time, however, his day-in, day-out workhorse for these heads has been the Zoom Swimmin’ Super Fluke.


Swimmin’ Super Fluke

“Zoom’s Super Fluke has always been a really reliable lure, but when they put a tail on it they made it even more effective for this type of presentation,” he said.

One key to its superiority is its versatility. “Most swimbaits, getting the action right totally depends on the speed of retrieve. What I like about the Swimmin’ Super Fluke is that it has good action at anywhere from a very slow to a very high rate of retrieve. It’s as good as any swimbait out there. You can retrieve it slow, medium or high and still get great action.”

Just as importantly, while many hollow-bellies or other custom crafted swimbaits will cost you your first born for a pack of two or three, the Swimmin’ Super Flukes cost less than a buck apiece, substantially less for the Junior size. They come in dozens of killer colors to match the great paint jobs on the JWill heads. Both are perfect right out of the package.