Smaller size for finesse applications, same natural action


Responding to substantial public demand, Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new Fluke Stick Jr., a finesse hybrid soft plastic that combines the best attributes of a soft stickbait and a soft jerkbait. The 6.25-inch full-sized Fluke Stick was released to rave reviews last year, but anglers across the country, including leading pros like Gerald Swindle, have clamored for a smaller version. This more compact model, 5 inches tip to tail, fits that bill superlatively.

126-019, Fluke Stick Jr., Watermelon Seed

Like its big brother, the new Junior model combines the shimmying action of a soft stickbait with the tail of the Super Fluke, a Zoom original that has been copied by many companies, but never equaled. The body is heavily salted and ribbed, which means that it can be cast a mile and has a dynamic action, even on slack line. It can be fished weightless without imparting any additional action, or you can twitch it to effect a darting, erratic presentation. It’s also excellent on a weighted Texas Rig, on the end of a Carolina Rig, or dropshotted. Pitch it around docks or overhanging cover and the gliding action entices even inactive fish to bite year-round.

The smaller version is also expected to be deadly on a split shot rig, a darter head or a shakey head. Just because it’s a finesse lure doesn’t mean it won’t catch big fish,126-026, Blueberry, Fluke Stick Jr. though – indeed, when monster bass get in a funk this lure’s subtle but convincingly lifelike action may often be the only way to fill your livewell.

The Fluke Stick Jr. is initially available in 11 of Zoom’s most popular color patterns, anything you need to match your local forage and water color. It is available at leading tackle stores and online retailers. If you can’t find it, ask for it.


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