Zoom is very pleased to introduce five new shad and bluegill color variations!  These colors offer a great addition to Zoom’s current shad patterns.  Three colors feature “glittery” flash versions, which are perfect for more stained and tannic waters.  The other two colors are excellent realistic shad patterns that are reminiscent of Zoom’s stalwart colors White Pearl, Albino and Arkansas Shiner.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos.

Bluegill Flash

Sexy Shad

Pro Blue Red Pearl

Silver Flash

Tennessee Shad


  1. Years ago,you had centipedes in Bluegill.That was one of the best colors my friends and I ever used.Any chance that would happen to the Double Ringers and Centipedes in the future? We love those baits and I traveled an hour and a half to Bass Pro just to get some. Thanks and Blessings to All.

  2. Considering the Bluegill is the primary source of Bass forage in most Northern lakes, I’m certainly glad to see that more manufacturers are now offering bluegill & other panfish colors. I’d like to see Zoom offer printed patterns on Super Flukes, that would make an already awesome bait truly unbeatable. Either way, Zoom will be getting a chunk of my tax return, just like every year, time to re-load the bait binders. Zoom baits occupy 75% of my tackle bags & bait binders.

  3. I have been fishing for about 34 years and have caught quite a few fish with all kinds of different baits in that period of time. My record for bass in one day was 48,(on Zoom worms) until a few months ago when using a Super Fluke I upped my record to 51 bass in one day. THANKS! Zoom for making such an awesome Lure. I went back the next day and caught 28, all on Flukes Thanks for making memories!!!!

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