Zoom has introduced a new exciting color called Sprayed Grass.  This has been a special color until recently and, due to its success, Zoom has made it a full stock color.  This is a two tone bait that draws many comparisons to California 420 featuring a light and dark component.

Great for dirty and clean water applications, this is an excellent multi-purpose color.  And, don’t be fooled by the dense color in the package.  Put this bait under some sunlight and you’ll see how attractive this color will be in the water.

Sprayed Grass will be available initially in six different lures with more possibly to come in the near future.  Check out the color chart below by clicking on the thumbnails.


  1. This color #317 was originally a distributer color. I purchased mine in finesse and in the Trick pattern some time ago from landbigfish.com. I am looking forward to this same pattern coming out in the Swamp Crawler as well

  2. I’ve used the sprayed grass color creature baits from net bait and they definitely work in stained water.

  3. Been using this color trick worm on Lake Martin here in Alabama. Spots and heads love it in the clear water, but it is very hard to find.

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