Three Zoom Go-To Lures For Bedding BassIf you’re lucky, this is the month when the big females start moving shallow to spawn in your neck of the woods. It’s the time of year you cannot get to the lake soon enough nor fish long enough. And, who could blame you? With hordes of green torpedoes, their bellies bloated with eggs, cruising the shoreline… controlling your emotions isn’t a top priority. With that in mind, we singled out three Zoom go-to lures for bedding bass to increase your chances of success this month.

To be sure, just about any of Zoom’s lures will work this month, but these are three of our pro staff’s favorites for bed fishing.

  1. Finesse Worm
    Yes, you read that right. While you might scoff at the notion of using a dainty worm in lieu of a big creature bait to get a spawner’s attention, consider this: A smaller lure means less plastic to get in the way during hook sets. Besides, it’s often not the size of the lure that arouses interest from a female or buck; it’s the movement and overall placement of the lure that makes the difference. Placing the worm on a Texas rig with a small weight pinched above the hook works just fine, but a better option…one we “borrowed” from several of our Elite Series pros, is to use a shaky head. Here’s why: With a Texas rig, you make a cast past the bed, drag the lure to the spot, and then attempt to twitch the lure by shaking the rod, forcing the tip to move. With the shaky head, you cast past the bed, pull the rig to the spot, and you can more easily twitch the lure in place without it moving. Try it. All you need is a 1/8 to 1/4 ounce jighead and whatever color of Finesse Worm that you desire.
  2. Salty Super Tube
    We created these tubes after years of hearing “Zoom needs a good, all-around tube.” We listened; creating a versatile tube that’ll stand up to any conditions. The heavy salt in the Salty Super Tube ensures when you flip it into a bed, it won’t glide or dart too far from the intended target. It also means the aggressive buck or annoyed female won’t spit it out too soon. For whatever reason, bedding bass are especially annoyed by tubes, but many anglers find they miss more fish when using tubes. Not anymore. The problem, as we learned from an Elite Series pro who isn’t sponsored by us but who uses our soft baits, is color: Most bed fishermen like using white tubes, which they can see better in the water, but they often swing too early when they see the fish “flash” on the lure. A simple fix, he says, is to use a Green Pumpkin tube, which is much tougher to see, thus forcing the angler to go less on sight than feel. The result? You don’t miss near as many fish. Try it.
  3. Z-Hog Jr
    No bed-fishing arsenal would be complete without including the Z-Hog Jr., the diminutive little brother of the Z-Hog and an easy target for bedding bass. Many of you will have one of these tied on a flipping stick with a light flipping weight ahead of the lure, ready for presentation to a bed. The lure’s profile and gliding nature in the water makes it deadly when fished in this manner. Another benefit of the Z-Hog Jr. is, when you spot an empty bed, you have already tied on the perfect lure for flipping and pitching to nearby targets such as stumps, laydowns, rocks, submerged tires where skittish spawners often go to for protection. So if you come upon an empty bed, all you have to do is start pitching to nearby targets with the Z-Hog Jr.

No matter what Zoom lure you ultimately choose this month, make it a point to enjoy some time on the water. You deserve it.

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  1. I’d like to add the Zoom Super Fluke to this list, I know it’s not the conventional “bed lure” but I have always had excellent results casting it beyond bass beds and “killing it” right over the bed, it almost always gets picked up before it reaches the bed! I’m also surprised to see that there’s no Zoom lizards on this list, one of the greatest all around spawn baits ever created! It’s not quite spawn time yet here in Ct but I did boat three beautiful females in the 8 foot zone just before a steep drop off. The lure of choice was of course a Super Fluke in Smokin Silver.

  2. I’ll agree with my “Connecticut Cousin” Jeff about both of those baits.Don’t forget about Zoom Double Ringers or Centipedes.Here in Mass. the spawn isn’t really on yet either but I have seen little males getting ready.Jerkbaits,both hard and soft,are slaying ’em in my area also.What ever you choose make sure it’s Zoom.

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