ZOOM Magnum Swamp Crawler giveawayNow announcing… the new Go Big or Go MAGNUM – Magnum Swamp Crawler Giveaway!

Enter anytime between now and April 15th for a chance to win the following Magnum Swamp Crawler prize pack:

7-Packs of Magnum Swamp Crawlers

Colors Included: Pumpkin, Junebug, Watermelon Seed, Red Bug, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red & Watermelon Candy

Register today to win here on the ZOOM Bait site, or on our Facebook Page. Good Luck!

Click here to learn more about our New Magnum Swamp Crawlers.

Also, congratulations to the winner of our Easter/April Fool’s Trick Worm giveaway, Jeremy Jennette! We hope you enjoy your Trick Worm prize pack!


  1. Looked all over website and fb site and can’t find where to enter for the crawler giveaway. I’d like to be entered

  2. I never win anything. I think it’s about time to change that… What do ya think?

  3. Man,those bass just don’t stand a chance with these bad boys in the lineup.Texas rig,wacky rig,you name it this bait is money!

  4. i do like the Mag, but I also have a new boat to show for the shorter swam crawler.


  5. i have been fishing bass tourny;s for 36 years and zoom has been a huge part of my success again i thank you for the best baits that money can buy. have all ready won 4 tournyments since 11/28/2013 on your new mag swamp crawler in green pumkin

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