We pride ourselves on giving discerning bass anglers the lures that help them put bass in the boat, so when some of you said you loved the Z-Hog creature bait but wished it was a bit smaller, we listened.

The new Z-Hog Jr, a 3 1/2-inch version of its beefier big brother, gives you the same great bait and action but with a slimmer, smaller profile. Our pros have been testing it for months, and the only questions we’ve consistently gotten is “Why can’t I keep these a secret?”

That’s no surprise when you consider the original Z-Hog has become a favorite of anglers across the U.S.

The Z-Hog Jr. still has the rabbit-ear tail akin to the Zoom Super Chunk and the small flappers on either side of its body, in addition to the deep grooves on the front and back of the bait. Also, though the lure is smaller than the original, it will still hold a wide-gap flippin’ hook.

And maybe the best part of all is that you can fish this lure in the same gnarly, knotted debris that you did his big brother. Only this time even those finicky eaters likely won’t let you get Z-Hog Jr. back in the boat without a fight.

Now thru March 14th, you can enter to win a Z–Hog Jr Prize Pack!

Z-Hog Jr Package Includes:
Ten packs of the new Z-HOG Jr (Black Red, Junebug, Watermelon Seed, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Black Sapphire, Watermelon Candy, California 420, Scuppernong Green and Scuppernong Candy), two large ZOOM decals, two small ZOOM decals and a Wired2Fish decal.

Register today to win here on the ZOOM Bait site, or on our Facebook Page. Good Luck!


  1. I was at the tackle store
    And I had tried the z hog and didn’t have much results but saw the jr and bought a bag just try and the fish killed it went thru the bag in like 30 min I will always have jr z hog tied on now

  2. where can we get the z hog jr at? the z hog is our #1 saler all we hear is when will there be a smaller size. thanks George at worms archery and guns

  3. I have not seen them in any stores in perstonsburg KY. I would like to try them. I will leave you a feedback on how they do.thank you .Roger Marsillett 330 goble branch prestonsburg KY 41653

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