We’ve added three colors to our Salty Super Tube lineup that are sure to make a big difference to anglers across the country. And if the response we’ve already gotten from our pro staff is any indication, the fish love them, too.

Two totally new colors have been added to both sizes (3.75 and 4.25) of tubes. The colors, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Inside and Green Pumpkin Purple Orange Inside, are as different as they are effective. In each case, the outside of the tube is the Green Pumpkin color while the entire inside of the softbait is a different color, either chartreuse or orange. Trust us when we say that what sounds cool is actually deadly for bass.

Not only do the colors show bass something different, but they mirror the actual natural changes of crawfish and baitfish when viewed underwater, making the lures more lifelike and realistic in appearance than any others on the market. And, of course, because they are part of the Salty Super Tube lineup, they also loaded with salt as well.

Though the color itself is not new to our softbaits, California 420 has also been added to our tubes. Popular from one end of the country to the other, anglers have been telling us that we needed it in our line of popular tubes, so we listened.

To view all of the colors offered in our Salty Super Tube Lineup, check out the gallery below!


  1. To anyone who has never used a Zoom tube,you had better get some.There’s nothing like watching a big ‘ol smallie “birddoggin'” one on bottom.Just a subtle shake now,tentacles flarin’,FISH ON CUZ!That’s what I’m talking about! God bless everyone.

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