Famed Bass Writer, Louie Stout has recently launched a new website and blog full of outdoors recreational news and tips at MichianaOutdoorNews.com. He covers everything from local news, gear reviews, angler updates, tips, tricks and there’s even a section to share your trophy photos!

Check out one of their recent videos with ZOOM Pro Kevin Short. In this video, part of the Bass Pro Video Tips, he reveals some of his best tips in using ZOOM Baits for drop shot fishing, including the NEW Zoom Z–Drop! Click the picture below to view the video.

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  1. Great vid from an awesome fisherman.If you make your living by rod and reel,the more versatile in techniques you have to be.Power fisherman have a tough time at first with finesse fishing but come around quick when the livewell is full.Cashing a fat check will do that for ya. Blessings to all and think Spring!

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