Congratulations to Tyler Shields of Murphy, North Carolina. On March 31st, Tyler broke the striped bass state-record by 12 pounds with this 66-pound beast.

The North Carolina Sportsman recounts his story. “The bass were on the beds, or just coming off,” Shields said, explaining why he was fishing a black ZOOM Trick Worm on a 4/O Gamakatsu Hook, using a Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade spinning rod and Pflueger Trion reel spooled with 10-pound test Bass Pro Shops Excel monofilament.”

Click Here to read the entire story from North Carolina Sportsman!


  1. Awesome catch Tyler.Those Zoom baits will catch’em all.I have outfished people who were using live bait.Double Ringers…Shhhh.

  2. thats a nice fish and black and white trick worms, plus the black finesse worms are the best thing to use this time of the year.

  3. We are proud of Tyler, the boys were all fishing the Lake that day and what a surprise. Looking for a decent size bass, he got a whopper. Trick worms is what they use and it works!

  4. hyace dias comente si podrian producir tiny fluke (081) y split tail trailer (008) en color negro y no han respondido, es la opinion y solicitud de mis clientes en Colombia.


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