1. BEST BAIT EVER! I have thrown away everything in my worm/lizard box and replaced them with the Brush hog and tiny brush hog. I use all the colors but the ones with ruby red flakes work best for me. They all are great though. They seem to tear up quick but that could be bc the bass hit them so aggressivly and about every cast you get a hit. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!

  2. I’ve said it all along! The Brush hog’s are in fact more effective than lizards during both pre & post spawn. I believe that they pose a more threatening appearence to both male & female bass, on and off their beds. If a Brush hog was heading for my young, I’d certainly want to eat it up too!

  3. ZOOOOOOM!!!!!! you guys are the best ive overlooked you for years now i only use your products the term bass love them is REALLY true thanks for a great american made fishing product and i also caught my biggesdt bass on them to you guys are great keep going and yum doesnt stand a chance!!!

  4. I personally love brush hogs, they are my go to bait when nothing else is working

  5. The tiny hog is my favorite changeup drop-shot bait when the worm or the tiny fluke aren’t doing it. Weedless with a #1 gammy g-lock hook. Dynamite for all 3 species of bass.

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