1. Lizards work well across the country for pre-spawn & actively spawning bass. Here in New England, I’ll be throwing a lizars on a carolina rig very soon, inland water temps are only 56 deg currently but are rising fast! Soon they’ll hit that magic 65deg mark and the bass will move up shallow isn search of a nice “bedroom” to csarry out their yearly “love sessions” & I’m gonna be right there, armed with a zoom lizard on a Texas or Carolina rig to get in on the action.

  2. I have been pitching lizards on small belly weighted hooks into flooded bushes for many years.It’s great in the Spring and watching them flutter down is very cool.Bone jarring strikes for the most part but you’ll get a “ticker” every once in a while.Zoom products rock especially double ringers and centipedes.Blessings to all.

  3. The 4″ mini lizard is always ready on my spinning rod.They have always produced for me.

  4. Here in Alabama in the end of march I caught the largest bass I had ever caught on a 4″ lizard right at 9 lbs. I took a friend of mine the next weekend and he caught his largest ever on the same lizard. His was in the 8 lbs range. These things at times are truly amazing. I always have a collection of colors when I’m fishing. The 4″lizard and the finesse worms are my go to baits.

  5. thats all i use an have for years thanks zoom for such kickass bait. they got to have them lizards no matter where i go fish, an there will only be an always be zoom baits in my tackle box an a thanks gos out for the wonderful double ringers an how they have a way to bring the big boys out.

  6. My husband and I have been trying to buy the 4 inch green zoom lizards but it seems nobody has them in stock. Is it possible to order them from the company?

    Thank you very much,

    Mary LeVally

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