Zoom is excited to announce some more colors for both the Swimmin’ Super Fluke and the Swimmin’ Super Fluke, Jr.

Baitfish (color 224) is being added in both sizes.  New Blue Pearl/Silver Glitter (color 325) is another very cool shad color added to this line. This color reflects a blue sheen when hit by light, similar to Green Pumpkin Blue Flash and how Green Weenie reflects a purple sheen.

Arkansas Shiner (color 106) is also now available in the Jr’s.  See the full Swimmin Super Fluke Chart below.

Zoom Swimmin Super Fluke - Baitfish (116-224)

Zoom Swimmin Super Fluke - Blue Pearl Silver Glitter (117-325)


Blue Pearl Silver - Jr.



Arkansas Shiner - Jr.



Baitfish - Jr.



Swimmin’ Super Fluke Gallery – Click on thumbnails to expand


  1. I’m really liking the Arkansas shiner jr. swimmer! That’ll be a pond/small lake killer! This year is going to be my biggest Zoom bait order ever, due to the warm winter. I’d really like to see the Smokin silver color added to these swimmers.

  2. Swimming Flukes= NICE FISH and now more colors to choose from. A good thing just got BETTER. Thank You Zoom!

  3. If I cant catch a few fish on these guys, I pack it up and head for the house because they cant be caught on anything else. Baitfish and smoking shad colors are the best, thanks.

  4. I have the Bass assassins with the split tail instead of the paddle tail , whats the difference in the way you fish these or are they the same

  5. Love the Swimmin’ Fluke jr…. sure wish you guys would put it in a clamshell so the tails would stay straight and could be stored that way!

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