Zoom Pro Marty Stone sent us this picture of him recently at Falcon Lake. Marty was there filming some videos and had the opportunity to put some of our new baits threw their paces.

The Z-hog got a workout and produced some good sized fish.  This one above was caught on a war eagle jig with a Zoom Super Chunk trailer.

Zoom Super Chunk (Green Pumpkin Blue)


  1. super chunk and the jr. both great we need more colors, have not been able to find Okeechobee craw any where. thanks GARY HOUSE

  2. As always the super chunk is there to slow your jig down and add some nice flapping action! They really do appear to resemble a real craw when fitted on the proper jig. I like “living rubber” skirted jigs with a color matched super chunk riding the back!
    Makes a great combo for spawners to lazy summer hogs and even through fall and early winter!

  3. This reply is for Gary House. Gary you can find the super chunk trailer in okeechobee craw #251 on sportsmansfactoryoutlet.com for $1.99. Hope this helps. I will trying those to with the skirted football jigs this year.

  4. I fish jigs ninety percent of the time,I have used every trailer imaginable.i promise you their is no better trailer. Another great product from zoom

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