Ed and Kym Chambers

Ed Chambers, founder of Zoom Bait Company, turns 72 today.

The entire Zoom crew hopes you have a healthy and happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Ed!,we wish you many more.Thank you for being both an innovator and a true friend to anglers everywhere.You and yours will always be in our prayers.Thanks again.

  2. Have a Happy Birthday Ed! Thank you so much for inventing the Zoom Bait Company! I love the Zoom centipedes!! Anyway, hope your day is a great one and thanks again.

  3. Happy birthday Ed and hope you have many more. Just want to thank you for the fat albert series of grubs the best small mouth bass bait ever made. Use for fishing new river in Virginia and West Va. Best wishes.Thanks David

  4. Hope you are having a great birthday,Ed!! I am a big fan of Zoom products, like so many others, I can truly say that Zoom baits help me to be a better angler. Best wishes!

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