Anglers who say color doesn’t matter when it comes to soft baits likely haven’t cashed many tournament checks. There are days, it seems, when color is all that matters. That’s why in addition to giving anglers great soft bait styles, we also continue to create new fish-catching colors as well.

The latest color, Scuppernong Green, continues that tradition. By adding green flakes to the Scuppernong color already in the lineup, the company has created an offering that will excel under a variety of conditions, including in low-light and in clear to stained water.

And because the color should be a winner for all species of bass, including spots and smallmouth, we’re offering Scuppernong Green in 10 of our most popular lures, including Finesse Worm, Trick Worm, U-Tales, Mag II, Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm, Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw, Brush Hog, Baby Brush Hog, Z-Hog and 6-inch Lizard.

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  1. If ZOOM only new how good a Swamp Crawler is; they would raise the price. i would love to try the Scuppenong green in these.


  2. nobdy in my part of the state really knows about scuppernong green but i catch many bass on it with a certain trick its my little secret weapon

  3. I love zoom baits scuppernog green is not a bad color but i want the 6 ich utail back in mossy pumpkin so I can quit looking for another company that makes a bait in that color. that way I can keep using zoom baits

  4. I agree make some swamp cralwers in this color and many more colors of swamp crawlers like black and blue and stuff. they are a very good worm all thourgh the year cold of hot they work here in North Carolina.

  5. It is always good to see new colors. I will be trying this color soon. Something the bass have not seen. I love the limited edition colors Zoom comes out with sometimes they have really paid off for me when the bite was tough. Thanks Zoom.

  6. Can you tell me where to find color electric shad code (350) in trick or utail worm. I found trick worms this color in one store and have checked online but can not seem to find these worms any where. This color is great and I need to stock up.

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