Big worms just got bigger!  Zoom is currently in production of the new Magnum Ol’ Monster.  This will certainly make a splash with the guys that are heaving big 12 inch worms.  The new Magnum Ol’ Monster easily reaches 12 inches and it’s also beefier around the middle.

The circumference of the original Ol’ Monster was about one inch.  The new magnum version is about an inch and three eighths.   The new Magnum Ol’ Monster will be available in 13 colors that include:  Black-Red, Plum, Junebug, Watermelon Seed, Red Bug, Green Pumpkin, Red Shad, Watermelon Red, Plum Apple, Junebug Red, Watermelon Candy Red, Blue Fleck and California 420.

This new monster is in production now and should be in stores by August 1st.

The New Magnum Version shot with the original Ol' Monster

You can really see the increase of the body size here

In a relaxed position this bait measures 12 inches

Stretched out flat, this new magnum Ol' Monster easily reaches 13 inches

This dude is going to produce to monster bass!


  1. Now this is the stuff. I fish exclusively with the ZOOM lizards and with the original Ole Monster mainly Carolina rigged and seeing that ZOOM is bringing out a bigger worm, WOW is all I can say. Can’t wait to get my hands on some. Way to go ZOOM.

  2. nobody can beat zoom baits….add blueberry and blackberry in the 12 inch worm and you will knock this one out of the park

  3. I am very impress with the size of the curtails. I have been doing a lot of Drop Shot fishing lately at lake with alot of brush and trees. The lake is full and lots of 50+ fett of water. I am using a 900 garcia/ Mitchell spinning reel with a 7 ft. Medium rod with 20 Lb Stren clear and only 100 ft on the reel and i pendulum my drop shot down next to the tree and when i get a hit i use my trolling motor to pull me away from the tree to deep water and i am not loosing as many good fis. I am using Mag U-V Speed worm 8″ green Pumpkin.I will check out Gander mountain Store next week and see if they have the new 12 ” monster. I like Large worms on my way of dropshot fishing > Bill Edgar

  4. the best worm bait just got better, but why not black, just plain ol black , you had the limited edition and I doubled my catch compared to other colors, fishing in northeast.

  5. This worm needs to be made in straight black. Its one of the most effective/simplest colors.

  6. I’m like bill Ryan,i would like to have the black too!!! I fish TN.and Guntersville Lake,had awesome results with the black!!!

  7. Glad to see you added Plum to the list! Been looking for a 12 inch worm in the zoom plum color now i can stop looking!

  8. Black would be good! Hard to beat plain old black; especially with a big worm. Doesn’t matter where you fish, clear water or dirty water; black will catch them.

  9. Zoom website likes to come out with these new products but are super hard to find and never tell us where they are ALREADY available. Check out my post date on the morning dawn color.

  10. Would like to see this in Green Pumpkin/Purple flake. I’d like to see all of your plastics in GP/Purple flake – it’s an awesome color!

  11. I fish the original Ol’ Monster in Black Emerald. Got to have this color. Best Zoom color ever in stained water! Any chance of getting it?

  12. I still waiting to see Zoom come out with a Magnum Horny Toad to add to their Magnum line of baits. Please,please,please…lol.

  13. I bought these on accident, i was in a rush to get in and get outta the store. i got to the lake, pulled em out.. 13″!! lol. i used em anyways. i caught a 4 pounder in less than 10 minutes of fishing. idk if u call that luck or if i can say this is a good bait! but i do recommend that u use a longer shank hook or use a standard and have a trailing hook at the bottom.

  14. I have already dreamed about catching that 10lb er. evertybody has a favorite color, try tomatoe, strawberry, or cherryseed. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  15. how to you prevent line twisting with these big worms?… after a few casts I end up with a tangled mess because the worm twisting in a circle


  16. I would love to have these in blueberry and green pumpkin…. The guys in the tournaments better look out….LOL

  17. I took some of these to Tepic Mexico for a tournament and did some bass fishing and what a success, ultimately caught the biggest bass which was 11 pounds, Definitely a good product.

  18. I used these bad boys for the first time lastnight and caught some pigs. Really need to make these worms in black grape. I catch fish with that color on every lake I fish.

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