Zoom Super Fluke - Disco Green

Disco Green is an exciting new color from Zoom. This is a different twist on the popular new color Disco Violet.  Disco Green adds some green flash to this shad color imitation and is perfect for clear or stained water conditions.  The green glitter closely mimics the pearlescent coloring found in many shad and baitfish throughout the country.

Disco Green will initially be available in the following lures: Super Fluke, Super Fluke Jr., The Fluke, Tiny Fluke, Magnum Super Fluke, Swimmin’ Super Fluke, Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jr., Trick Worm and Finesse Worm.

Click on the thumbnails below:


  1. This new green flake looks like it might work good on bass of the “stripped” persuasion, as well as on the the ones with the big and little mouths! I’ll have to go and give em a try!

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