The fishing season (or at least the buying season) is officially underway.  We are currently at the Big Rock East – 2nd Annual Dealer Show in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This is an opportunity for dealers and buyers to check out the hot new products and stock up for this spring.

We had a busy day yesterday with a steady stream of dealers coming through the Zoom booth.  The two new colors just released (Watermelon Orange and Green Pumpkin Orange) have been very well received and expect to see these colors show up soon in your local tackle shop.

Woo Daves stopped by our booth yesterday for bit and chatted with customers.  On Thursday, we had local pro David Wright working in the booth with us.

Normally Eddie Hinson works the booth with us here at this show, but he is home recovering and we wish him and his family all the best.

Zoom 6" Lizard, Watermelon-Orange


  1. The hook looks superb and I am delighted that you all sanctioned this from Stanley.especially since he did purchase the rights to your competition in the RIBBIT LURE…….At 74 years old and a former “tackle rep” I am a very solid user and promoter of the ZOOM line of lures……..keep up the great production and of course the superb color selections that you all offer to us……..”LIVIN THE GOOD LIFE OF RETIREMENT AT TOLEDO BEND LAKE”

  2. Started really using ZOOM baits last year here in Ohio. I cant say enough about their soft baits. I used several colors of their lizards Trick and Finesse worms on many of the the heavily fished MWCD lakes and had many great positive days with many Largemouth and Smallmouth catches. Biggest to date was an 8lb4oz Lgmouth. (Great for Ohio) These baits made it easy because they hit the bait and really held on like it was live bait.
    Im a fan and will buy these over anyone elses.

    Matt Billham

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