Ryan McMurtury used a double super fluke rig to claim top honors at the ABA Bassmaster Weekend Series Championship on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville this past weekend.  McMurtury’s win was worth $100,000 and a berth into the Bassmaster Classic.

Zoom Super Fluke - Green Albino

McMurtury fished the double fluke rig in one area throughout the tournament.  As the weather got worse, his fish got bigger.  He caught 18 pounds 10 ounces on the final day to clinch the win.

“When I saw (bass) chasing the shad, I started fishing a single (Zoom Super) Fluke. When I’d catch one there’d usually be several more following it, so I put together a double Fluke rig and started catching them two at a time.” – Ryan McMurtury

McMurtury also noted that color was not a big issue.  He started throwing white Super Flukes but as he ran out, he used other colors with the same effectiveness.

For the final results and full story about the ABA Bassmaster Weekend Series Championship, click here.

Check out all the Zoom Super Flukes below.


  1. ,,Might be a good idea to publish how he rigged his double rig, so
    that it would be so effective…Did he use a 3 way swivel or a
    sliding o-ring….???

  2. You can make a very good over and under knot tieing the two lines together or some other knot(but I like the over and under less breakage!. Make one line about 24″ long and keep the main line 12″.On the short line istall a small tungston wieght. No swivels!! This also like a old Oklahoma Catfish rig!

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