Ed Chambers with daughter Kym Chambers

Ed Chambers, founder of Zoom Bait Company, turns 71 today. The entire Zoom crew had a celebration and a surprise waiting for him when he arrived at work today.

He was greeted at the door this morning by his daughter Kym and her dog Kingston.  Kym and Kingston were both wearing a special new t-shirt designed especially for Ed’s birthday.

This long sleeve tee sports the WEC logo, Ed’s beloved crankbait company where he enjoys spending most of his time these days.  WEC cranks are some of the most sought after crankbaits in the industry today.

Kym, along with Zoom employee Chris Baxter, surprised Ed with the special T-shirts and have spent the last few months creating and designing the shirts in preparation for today.  Ed was very surprised and loved his new WEC shirts.

Kingston and the Zoom crew

Ed's WEC staff and crankbait crew -

The WEC t-shirts may be available for purchase at some point.  Check back here in the future for an update as to where you may be able to purchase these WEC shirts.

Happy Birthday Ed !!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Ed!!! I wish you many more. Also, I’ve never been introduced to you personally, but I want to thank you for an enjoyable place of employment.

    Sincerely, Bob #27

  2. Happy birthday Mr. Chambers. Been using Zoom products here in southern California (San Diego) for a long time. As is well known, our fish can be a bit hard to catch on our small reservoirs. Thanks to you and your staff providing a quality product, a Southern California fisherman go fishing with confidence. Thank you.
    A Freind, Adam East

  3. Happy Birthday Ed ! I know its late, I just stumbled on this blog searching for info on your awesome WEC crankbaits. I own 15 of them, and I’ve been searching for several years for one of your chocolate shad colored lures and can’t find one:-(
    The finish on your WEC lures is second to none, amazing!
    I would also really like to have one of the WEC shirts or a hat if available. Keep up the great lure building Ed for many more years.John, Indiana

  4. Happy Birthday, Ed. You are an icon in the bait business. Hope you are doing well and business continues to be good.

    One thing i wanted to inquire about. Some years ago there was a six inch black lizard with yellow dots molded in. It was a killer bait, especially on smallmouth. they can’t stand it. I think it was first made by Culprit and later by Toledo Tackle. In any event, it is no longer being made.

    Is that something you can make without major expense (new molds, etc). and how many do you need to make to make it worthwhile?

    Hope you have had a fun birthday.

  5. Please let me know when and wear I can buy ashirt.Oh yea tell Mrs cox I found a hat and I am back on the water fishing again. THANKS

  6. A fellow fisherman was talking about Zoom WEC Crankbaits the other day to me and my fishing partner. I have been using Zoom plastics since I first saw them on the market. I did not know about any Zoom crankbaits. Now, we are very familiar with the “Hicky’s, Willy’s, Carolina Killer’s” and other crankbaits. We were very fond of the original Hicky. I have subscribed to the “Update” page above, but would really be interested in a catalog….if available. I am willing to pay for the catalog, if available. Please let me know and I will send an address. Thank you for your time.

  7. Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately, there is not a catalog for the WEC crankbaits. Best thing I can recommend is looking for them on-line. There is only a few dealers that carry them. Here is one.

  8. Ed… A personal thank you met you some 25 yrs ago you were giving away plastics promoting Zoom Your soft baits make fishing so easy if it was hard I wouldn’t do it. I recently purchased the new 420 color ( cali ) boated 3 over 8 pounds using the trick worm.

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