BOGART, Ga. (June 16, 2010) – Fishermen looking for a little more kick in a subtle presentation will find it in the new Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jr. from Zoom Bait Company.

Six colors in the 4-inch bait will give anglers a solid addition to the larger Swimmin’ Super Fluke introduced earlier this year. Both have a kicking boot-tail design to add realistic vibrations during the retrieve.


Swimmin' Super Fluke and Swimmin' Super Fluke Jr. (Disco Violet)

“I think it will be very versatile,” said Eddie Wortham of Zoom Bait Company. “With the smaller size, you can throw the Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jr. on a jighead or a bait like the Buckeye Su-Spin, Ditch Blade or Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin.”

A steady retrieve with the Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jr. creates a thumping action from the tail that mimics a small minnow or bluegill. Zoom Baits are made with super-soft plastic and are salt-impregnated.

“It’s more subtle with the smaller profile than the Swimmin’ Super Fluke,” Wortham said. “The Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jr. will be great when the shad or baitfish are smaller like during the shad spawn, during the bass post-spawn period when they’re guarding fry and feeding, and in autumn when shad are in the back of creeks and pockets.”

The new Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jr., will initially be available in six colors.  See the color photo gallery below:


  1. These baits rock! I picked some up a couple of weeks ago at a BP in Knoxville and want some more colors. Unfortunately I cannot find them online at BP. Does anyone know when they will be available at BP?

  2. I dont know about bps but Landbigfish.com has some.
    P.S. thank you Zoom for a nother awsome bait


  3. What to say about these Swimmin’ Fluke Jr??? As an italian angler I just can say thank you!!!

  4. Got onto these recently work great on C-Rig will you come out with more colors for nite fishing on a c-rig Also hope you make these in a 7 inch mag in future! Big bass will love a 7 incher! Would like to test them here in Tn. Thanks Purple and Black -Red ?

  5. Do you make them in the watermelon candy?

    Candy is by far my favorite color….i catch something every time!

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