Zoom Bait Company has just released a new stock color, Disco Violet.   This is a great shad imitation color with just a little added flash.  Disco Violet contains a small violet colored crystalina glitter that gives a subtle flash of blue and violet.  Disco Violet will be available in the Finesse Worm, Trick Worm, Magnum Super Fluke, Super Fluke, Super Fluke Jr., The Fluke, Tiny Fluke and the Swimmin Super Fluke.

Click on the picture below to enlarge:

Zoom Disco Violet - Super Fluke

Disco Violet – On Gray

Disco Violet – On White


  1. Now , If zoom would like to sale millions,100 of millions of baits make their zoom grubs in this crystalina voilet color !!!!! I have a grub made years ago in a color close to voilet crystalina color it would catch 10-1 with any other color,seem to match the threadfin shad prefect !!! However , that grub is no longer made, I need a sample of this color because if its close to the few baits I have left I will order 10,000 myself ! You can not beleive how this bait worked on largemouth ,smallmouth, any fish that would at shad!!!!

  2. Why do you not sale your grubs in albino,smoken shad, baitfish, these are some of your best shad colors? You need to!!!!!
    I use your ,fluke and tiny flukes drop shotting , wow what fish catchers the colors at the top of this note are some of the best crappie and whitebass baits around.They work very well on walleyes too . They are my bait for walleye on my favorite lake,lake randers are always checking my livewell,everytime i take my boat out of the lake !!! No tickets just full livewells

  3. I would love to see a fat albert single tail grub in disco violet also. In the area of grub colors, that’s where zoom needs some improvements.

  4. i have ordered some flutes in this new color recived them last week have not fished them as of now ,will try them at Texoma soon for everything that swins.Fishing them on my home lake this weekend !

  5. hay zoom!! i would love to get my hands on some 6″ lizards in this color!! future release??? great color by the the way how do you do it!?!?!


  6. Zoom guys;

    just a hello from the North east… (Maine) i want to tell you the chameleon, castiac, black lizards work great up here last year i kept 2 18″ largemouth bass… and ate them.. my total C&R was 62 for 2009… this year 2010 i have already started my fishing, since the water temps are changing quickly, may 1, the water temps are 58-61, and the Prespawn… wowzers is great… may 1….C&R 13 fishing all above 18″….. thanks for a great product…. looking to surpass 64 fishing this year….


  7. Just to brag i have already cought 125+ bass this year and won big fish in a local tourney


  8. Hello again just a report on the Totmato & Houdini 6″ lizards…can

    you say slaughtered them… actual C&R 19 large mouth bass…..n even caught a 10″ smallmouth with a 6″ totmato….. which was an Awesome treat… if you guys make a Disco Violet Lizard…. i suspect it would work great in tantic (brown)water…this Border lake has alot of structure sandy, rocky, stumps, weeds…..
    will be hitting the same lake 5-20….


  9. I’m only 12 years old and i can manage to still catch 5+ pound bass on these two baits. To me i think the super fluke and the 6.5″ trick worm are the greatest prespawn baits use the trick worm weightless and just cast to those bedded fish. normally i’ll rig the super fluke weightless and just start flippin it to there beds.

  10. I am 100% sold on the Disco Violet Super Fluke. I have fished with this on Lake Allatoona, GA for the past couple of weeks and I have caught more Largemouth, Striped Bass, and Hybrids than I have caught in yrs on this lake. I rig it by using a dental tool to make a small hole from the belly side toward the head making sure not to go though the point at the head. Then I insert a small swivel into this hole, using the dental tool to push it toward the head. I then use a #1 gamakatsu octopus hook, and hook through the eye of the swivel near the head (just as you would a minnow) no other weight needed. The swivel gives it just enough hidden weight inside the fluke to give it nice action while allowing it to stay near the top water. Worked with a spinning reel, the fish explode on this bait. This has quickly became my favorite color. Also have great luck with the finesse worm in this color, texas rigged on the bottom late in the day. Thanks for an awesome bait!!!!!!!!!

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