Here is a new brochure from Zoom that includes their latest products and latest new colors.


  1. I have been bass fishing many many years and i started using the #1 product to me that’s all i use i have caught some big bass over the years fishing is my life if i can do all the day’s of my life i would but i have too pay bill’s that mean’s i have too work don’t get too fish much now but zoom is #1 soft bait product and i know i can win a lot of B.A.S.S. Masters Titles using your products and getting a company to support me ( JUST READY 2 FISH AND GO PRO… GO ZOOM FISHING WE’RE #1 IN B.A.S.S FISHING )

  2. I fish with you Brush Hog in Kudzu. I can not find these any more. Can you help me?

  3. My friend introduced me to Zoom bout 3 years ago, and I haven’t changed yet. I love your spped crawlers they are truly tha BEST. Where can I find all colors in GA. ?

  4. I dont know about a store but if you can order online try they have more zoom colors than anywhere i have seen.


  5. Hi Kim,

    Currently there is no catalog for Zoom Baits. The best resource right now is here at this site.


  6. Hi Shane,

    Right now there is no Zoom catalog. The best resouce for Zoom products is here at the website


  7. I have been looking for the zoom horny toads in yellow. I was told that you were not making them anymore. Is this an accurate statement? How, or do you know where I could get some more of these? I will buy as many as I can get. Thanks.

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