A short video of clip of some fisherman who wants to keep his secret safe. But not for long! The Zoom Swimmin’ Super Fluke will be available in January 2010


  1. I need some/want the new zoom super fluke swimmer they are a phenominal lure for any avid angler and I fully support zoom lures and have caught my largest largemouth bass on a zoom super fluke white pearl… If I could get some sent to me free or for wholesale price that would be great… thank you I would love to get some of the swimmers before they hit the shelves… please call me 269-XXX-XXXX thank you

  2. Hi Trent,

    Thanks for the comment and the support for Zoom. I don’t have any free samples to send out but production has started and product should be available in stores by January 1.

  3. Please tell me what colors and if bass pro in ft myers florida will have them febuary first . I NEED THEM, love zoom by the way

  4. Hi Sam,

    I’ll will have an update very soon as to what colors will be available. I feel very confident in saying Bass Pro will have it. My guess it will be in stores sometime early January.


  5. can you tell me if they will be avalable in the jr. and magnum sizes?

    also what is the oficial name of this bait?

  6. I my neck of the woods mississippi if you dont have zoom watermelon seed lizards you want catch any thing i can with out a doubt say that zoom is the best worm out there

  7. please call me asap so i can purchase some from you asap thank you 269-XXX-XXXX I already have another special lure before it hit the shelves the aaron ………. lure!! -Trent Pennington basswacker

  8. cant wait to try some! im am working on getting zoom to sponser my high school fishing club. these will be great for spring tournaments!

  9. We just got in our first supply of the “Swimmin Super Flukes” They are available to purchase on our Ebay store “Joe Bass”

  10. I am an avid fan of the blueberry lizards. I have won fishing tournaments with them and can’t wait to get my hands on a fluke. I am waiting for spring to get my fish on!!

  11. please i need proto supper swim baits were can i get my hands on some. rev rt bohannon ,i like zoom i think this bait will work for me .loyal zoom fisherman.

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