Zoom has just released a new color called Green Pumpkin Blue Flash.  This is a great looking color that combines the proven Green Pumpkin on the top, with a flashy translucent blue and blue flake bottom.  The Magnum Finesse Worm below is photographed with the top and side views.  The first shipments have gone out and will initially be available in six lures.  These include the Finesse Worm, Magnum Finesse Worm, Trick Worm, Baby Brush Hog, 6″ Lizard and Ultravibe Speed Craw.

114-294, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Magnum Finesse Worm

114-294, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Magnum Finesse Worm

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  1. I agree with John. A super chunk and super chuck jr in this color would pair perfectly with an Okeechobee Craw colored jig.

  2. iwould like to buy these but cant find them on the website can u give me the item # for the finess worm and others in this color thanks.

  3. About 6 months ago LandBigFish.com had a bunch of different Zoom lures in both Watermelon Blue Flash and Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, including different sizes of the Fluke series. I used an entire bag of Super Flukes in about half a day fishing about a month ago. When I went back to LBF.com to order more Super Flukes in that color, I found out that Flukes were no longer made in either color. Zoom, please bring both those colors back for the Fluke series!! Tremendous colors.

  4. Hey Doug, thanks for the effort but they don’t have Flukes in that color anymore, and that’s what I’m looking for. LBF has a few lures in Green Pumpkin Blue Flash (294) and Watermelon Blue Flash (295), but no longer carry the Zoom series in those colors. What I find strange is that colors 294 and 295 aren’t even listed on Zoom’s color chart…the phantom color search continues.

    Agree with MRCRAPPIE, these would be perfect colors for the Swimmin Super Fluke. I finally tried the Swimmin Super Fluke yesterday, and caught my biggest bass in 15 years on it. Now just need to make them in the Blue Flash colors.

  5. oops, typo: meant to say that LBF no longer carries the FLUKE series in the Blue Flash colors, and that’s what I’m looking for.

  6. Green Pumpkin Blue Flash is a great fish catching color….I discovered that Zoom made a production run of Ol’ Monster Worms in this color and they are gone. GREAT COLOR FOR A BIG WORM! Can’t wait for the opportunity to purchase Ol’Monster Worms in this color…

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