Last month Zoom released some popular popular brush hog tail colors that were very well received.  Now, Zoom has added a new crawfish claw to the mix.  Zoom has released Green Pumpkin Blue / Blue Claw.  This is a great new crawfish color and works great as a jig trailer.

Green Pumpkin Blue / Blue Claw will be available on both the Big Critter Craw and the Lil’ Critter Craw.



Below is the rest of the stock color charts for the big and little critter craws.  Check them out!


  1. I’m looking for Big Critter Craws in Rootbeer Green Flake which you use to make. Can I special order this color.

  2. I am commenting to zoom on the most amazing crawdad plastic on the market right now, for me its the speed craw nothing has action with those claws.I tried all the other companies n this destroys the compitition.Ive been catching over 20 lgmouth per outing with this sick bait and the snakeheads like it too.Iam from ft.lauderdale fl. been fishing for 23 years have caught tons of giant LG mouth,peacocks,snakeheads,tarpon n snook.but now with your products its more fun to mix em up.Nobody out there can compair to the variety of soft plastics u guys produce. thank u the fishing god.

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