Many of you have discovered the Magnum Shakey Head worm that was brought out last spring by Zoom.  But for those of you who haven’t, here are few techniques that are proven producers.

The standard technique that most assume is on a shakey head jig.  Use a 1/4, 3/16, or 1/8 oz jig head, depending on how deep you want fish, and work it around structure and humps.  The Magnum Shakey has a little bit longer profile and more tail action than the regular shakey head worm.  This worm is very effective when the fish are still in a summertime pattern and not really chasing bait yet.


Another great way to use the Magnum Shakey Head is to fish it like a trick worm.   Rig it weightless with a swivel, cast it out and let it sink just a few inches below the surface and jerk it or “trick” it back to the boat.  This is a very effective technique in the spring during the spawn, as well as the fall, when shad starting heading to the backs of creeks and the bass are on the move.

The Magnum Shakey Head is available in 12 Zoom colors.  Here is a purchase link for Magnum Shakey Heads at Landbigfish.com


  1. no wrong place for a shaky head (check out SPOT REMOVER brand heads on bass pro or cabellas) any where there is not much algea or weeds (nick name) is a great bet.

  2. I would to find out how many different baits that are offered in the color “watermelon candy”

    Thank you

    Tom Ballard

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