Glimmer Blue

Was it just me or did anyone else catch the fact that the all of top five anglers at the recent FLW Series event at Clarks Hill used a Zoom Super Fluke? Tom Mann Jr., who won the event, used two of them (see double fluke rig post in the future) to secure his victory as well as the FLW Series Angler of the Year title.

Here is how the breakdown of the top five presentations:

1st  Tom Mann Jr.  – Used two Pearl White Zoom Super Flukes rigged tandem, one with a leader that was a few inches shorter than the other.  This was so effective for Tom because this rig was heavier than fishing with just one, and that helped him keep the baits down and in the strike zone.

2nd  Chris Martinkovic  – Zoom Super Fluke (Glimmer Blue)  Worked a shoal for schooling fish in the Little Georgia River

3rd  Keith Williamson  – Zoom Super Fluke.  Williamson used three different colors while looking for schooling fish – Glimmer Blue, White Iice and Blue Pearl Hologram.

4th  Craig Johnson – Zoom Super Fluke (White Ice)

5th  Keith Hutto – Zoom Super Fluke (Glimmer Blue)

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Below are is the full stock color chart for Zoom Super Flukes.  If you are interested in trying out some of these Super Flukes.  Here is a purchase link to check out.


  1. I love Zoom Fluke. I use Fluke on all my fishing trip once or twice a week. My fovarite fishing spot is Denison Dam, Lake Texoma, fishing for strippers. My problem for using Fluke is that I don’t know what color of Fluke should I use for a particular day? I just learn two days ago that Lemon Shad is a good lure to use on a sunny, shinning day whith blue, blue sky. Luckily, one of my fishing budy had that color in his tackle box. So I put it on, and caught few nice strippers. My point is: is there any way that I could find out what color of Fluke I could use for a particular type of condition: season, day time, night time, stormy day, sunny day, etc. Or what type of fish species targeted for a particular color of Fluke? I sincerely hope that you can guide me to the right direction. Thanks.

  2. I use the super flukes in the late afternoon at sunset the work great.
    Also rig the weightless they work better

  3. hey! zoom! it would be great if you could bring back “the fluke” in smoky rainbow i got an olg pack from a friend and went through them in like two weeks.


  4. I have used the zoom superfluke for the last ten years on lake Okeechobee.I WOULD BUY THEM BY THE FIVE GALLON BUCKET IF I COULD.

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