Hi everyone,

Zoom has announced a new color in their arsenal.  Blue Fleck (292) – will become a stock color for Zoom and should be available in early September.

Blue Fleck is similar to the popular Plum color but has a darker base and smaller blue glitter.  It’s a great big bait color that will shine in muddy or deeper water with either a texas rig or a carolina rig.


Blue Fleck will initially be available in ten baits: 6″ Lizard, 8″ Lizard, Mag II, Ultravibe Speedworm, 8″ Dead Ringer, Brush Hog, Baby, Brush Hog, Ol’ Monster, Speed Worm, G-Tail Worm.


  1. Hi, My name is ralph, this past weekend,08-28/29, at our tournament at Falcon Lake in south texas, my fishinf partner and I found a Zoom bait named watermelon magig at the tackle shop in Zapata, Texas.

    We caught all of our fish on this magic lil bait, now I can’t find it anywhere, Academy nor Bass Pro Shop has them.

    Where can I get some more for our next tournament at Amistad Lake at Del Rio, Texas, can I order them thru your web site or can you tell me who, in this area, has them without going all the way back to Zapata ,Tex.????????????

  2. are you going to make the baby brush hog in BLUE GILL color any more?
    very good color here in the TVA lakes

  3. The Blue Fleck color is a standby, and a clone of the Berkley Blue Fleck. Please consider making the Super Chunk Jr. in this color!

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