Outdoor writer Alan Clemons just penned a piece for Wired2Fish.com about Zoom’s new Magnum series of baits.  Zoom recently launched the Magnum Finesse, Magnum Shakey Head, Magnum Super Fluke, Magnum UV Speedworm and finally the Magnum Trick Worm.

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“We’ve been asking for them for a while and I’ve seen it firsthand,” said longtime Zoom prostaffer Gerald Swindle of Alabama. “At the Elite Series tournament on Wheeler this year, I went in behind guys with the Magnum Finesse worm and caught fish all day. I think the size makes a difference when you get that bulkier bait sliding through the brush instead of the smaller version.

Magnum Trick Worm

Magnum UV Speed Worm

Magnum Finesse Worm

Magnum Super Fluke

Magnum Shakey Head


  1. I really like the mag size in the trick worm. The best color I use is black. Day or night fishing it’s great. At night I’ll add a rattle to it and BAM I get a lot of hits. I caught a 3 1/2 #er which helped me place in my clubs tournament.

    The trick worm and the brush hog are my go to baits, they’re super.

  2. I can tell you right now, the magnum finesse worm fished on a 1/0 owner with a dropshot…wow. I have caught 6 fish between 5 and 9lbs in the past few months on this worm and think I have a new secret wepon.

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